Previous Reflections Winners

Division Awardees 2021 - 2022


Outstanding Interpretation

  • Annabel Ortiz, Clean the Environment (Primary Division)

  • Kyan Keizo Morehead Sanchez, Poverty in the City (Intermediate Division)

Award of Excellence

  • Charlize Raezer, Don’t Judge People By their Skin Color (Primary Division)

Merit Award

  • Ezra Mack, Books (Primary Division)

Kyan Keizo Morehead Sanchez,

Poverty in the City

Annabel Ortiz, Clean the Environment

Visual Arts

Outstanding Interpretation

  • Ezra Mack, Harmony (Primary Division)

  • Ryann Rautenbach, Clean the Sea (Intermediate Division)

Award of Excellence

  • Ruthvika Mamillapalli, Exercise a Lot! (Primary Division)

  • Jacob Hutchinson, Planting A Tree (Intermediate Division)

Merit Award

  • Caden OKane, Robot Trash Picker-Upper (Primary Division)

  • Chelsea Velasquez, How I’ll Change the World (Intermediate Division)

Ezra Mack, Harmony

Ryann Rautenbach, Clean the Sea

Dance Choreography

Outstanding Interpretation

  • Tennley Jackson, If I Could Change the World, I Would Stop Pollution (Intermediate Division)

Award of Excellence

  • Sophia Holbrook, Put a Little Love In Your Heart (Intermediate Division)

Merit Award

  • Robert Gauvin, New Energy (Intermediate Division)

Tennley Jackson-Reflections .mov


Outstanding Interpretation

  • Hudson Marcks, Robots Will Change the World (Primary Division)

  • Owen Snyder, Voices (Intermediate Division)

Award of Excellence

  • Christian Johnson, Kindness and Happiness (Primary Division)

  • Emma Holbrook, What Matters? (Intermediate Division)

Merit Award

  • Ezra Mack, Helping Each Other (Primary Division)

  • Jared Paz Orozco, Changing the World (Intermediate Division)

Hudson Markcs Robots Will Change the World.Literature -primary division.pdf
Owen Snyder Voices- Literature Intermediate Division.pdf

Film Production

Outstanding Interpretation

  • Adam Allache, Smiles for Miles (Intermediate Division)

Award of Excellence

  • Mia Howard, How To Keep the Earth Clean (Intermediate Division)

Merit Award

  • Sondos Fikar, I Can Change the World (Intermediate Division)

Adam Allache Smiles for miles-Film Intermediate Division .MOV

Music Composition

Outstanding Interpretation

  • Ezra Mack, I Can Change The World (Primary Division)

  • Freddy Diaz Lopez, Change the World (Intermediate Division)

Award of Excellence

  • Evan Sylvester (Intermediate Division)

Merit Award

  • Josue Escobar Rivera (Intermediate Division)

I Can Change the Wolrd song .mp3
Music - change the world.wav

Congratulations to all participants and awardees! Students that received the Outstanding Interpretation award in each category and division, advanced to the next level of judging, at the County level, competing against first place winners from schools in Fairfax County. We are thrilled to share that three of our first Bailey’s students went on to receive an award at the County level. Our Bailey’s Fairfax County (FCCPTA) winners are:

Outstanding Interpretation: Ezra Mack (Primary Division, Music Composition)

Award Of Excellence: Kyan Keizo Morehead Sanchez (Intermediate Division, Photography)

Merit Award: Adam Allache (Intermediate Division, Film Production)

Congratulations Ezra, Kyan and Adam on your FCCPTA level win! Ezra Mack, who received an Outstanding Interpretation award advanced on to another level of judging, the NoVa District and has the potential to receive an award at the State level.

Thanks for your participation and we hope to see more of you in the 2022-23 PTA Reflections Contest.

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